I am an adult!

I know that this seems quite silly, but if you're a long time reader of mine then you'll know that I once wrote a post about myself being seven years old and how I keep being dragged back to that period of my life, no matter how old I get. For those of you who are unaware, when I was seven I had deal with a difficult period in my life which has stuck with me. Unfortunately it tends to mean that whenever I am in a situation which makes me anxious, it tends to bring me back to that age. To explain more clearly, one reason why I have never gotten a paid job is because I feel I wouldn't be able to handle it or just break down in front of the customer. Now, this is the seven year old me response, not a 20 year old me response. I know that I could handle it if I needed to, but because it is so subconscious, it is an automatic response for me, which I have tackled over time with CBT, medication and various other therapies. 

Talking to my counsellor recently, I've been reminded that I am an adult. And rather than resorting back to my seven year old me, I can instead look after my younger self, but protect her and tell her everything will be okay. It's like taking your little sister to the shop - you as an adult would say that you'll be there with her and will help her with anything she needs and this is exactly the same with how I'm supposed to look after my 'younger self'.

Taking this in mind, I remind myself every day that I am an adult. I say this to myself. Although this sounds silly, it really is important for me to do because it allows me to overcome my subconscious mind and react and be in control in a way which is relative to my age. It helps me immensely. It reminds me that I'm not that shy seven year old any more with little confidence, I am an adult who is paying rent and bills, driving and travelling.

What's your view?
Amy Xx