I'm president!

So for those of you who follow my twitter, you'll know that I have recently become president of my university's mental health society (student minds). I originally only wanted to run for vice president, but I was encouraged to run for president and after giving a speech and the votes all counted up, I was chosen to be president. I then had to sign some paperwork to make sure it was all confirmed. 

This is something I had been thinking about for a while, because at first I wanted to start my own mental health society until I realised there was one already in existence! Therefore, I joined up but there wasn't much going on. So, for my final year at university I thought I would take a step into the deep end and put myself forward for vice president as I really wanted to make a go of this society. I wanted to have more members join, battle stigma and raise awareness because there will be so many people in my university suffering, but never talking about it. Turns out that I was encouraged in our meeting to run for president and now I can happily say that I am the president of my university's mental health society. I'm really hoping to make a difference by bringing in speakers, holding events, making posters and so on - anything I can do, because I have a real passion to help other's and raise awareness. 

This isn't the only thing I have to do, though. As president I have to make sure the society is running well, make sure the prices are correct, organise people and events and so forth. I basically will be overseeing the whole running of the society and although it seems like a big task, I'm happy to get out of my comfort zone and see what I can do and what our committee members can do as a team.

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx