Although I'd say I was quite mature for my age when growing up, this didn't mean I wasn't sensitive to what was going on around me. I had to grow up fast and therefore I didn't see things like my peers did. Those things that my friends would be upset over, hardly affected me because I had experienced much bigger things than an argument with a friend. However, even though this may be the case today, I would say that I am sensitive in another way. Although I have the maturity and strength from battling my mental illness, I do find it a struggle if things in my life are out of kilter. For example, an argument with a parent or not hearing back about an event and so forth. It's true that I won't go into complete meltdown, but it still does bother me and for a lot of people I don't think it would as much. I believe that this is just my way of coping. I feel that many years ago, I used to cope a lot better with that kind of thing, but now I tend to struggle more with it and I'm not too sure why it is. Nevertheless, I still try to work on it on a daily basis. 

What are your stories?

Amy Xx