What goes on behind closed doors

For the majority of us, we know that mental illness is an invisible one and that's not to say that it's not real. Yet many people will be battling mental illness and the person sat next to them won't even know. You could be sat next to someone who was feeling really depressed or anxious and you perhaps wouldn't even notice and yet there is a war going on in their head. You'd continue to act normally towards them because you wouldn't know any different unless they said. 

I find this incredibly sad that this is the case, not just for those of us who struggle with mental illness, but for other aspects of life. Last night, someone could have lost a close family friend and you wouldn't know any different if they put on a brave face, someone could have self-harmed and if it was covered you would never know. People presume that everything is fine until the contrary is proven and it's scary to think that. This is why we can never know what goes on behind closed doors and I find it fascinating. 

It's important to ask people how they are doing and in return there will be hopefully the acceptance of a helping hand. In the same way, presuming everything is good will never be the correct presumption. Finding out how someone is feeling is the only true way to know and help. Even if it might surprise you, it might be the helping hand that is needed. 

Everything isn't always as it seems.

Amy Xx