I'm back!

Hello everyone!

I'm back from my break, with a new design, new blog posts and an update.

From this post forward, I will be publishing posts every Sunday rather than my previous twice a week. Don't forget that you can be kept up to date with my blog by following me on bloglovin, here.

This post marks the beginning of my third and possibly final year at university studying law. This year, I have to do well in my exams to graduate, manage my university's mental health society, be on my university's welfare committee and hopefully join a sports society and get a job. But, we will see how it all pans out and I'm going to try and put the least stress on myself as possible. 

This Summer has been very difficult for me, so by going back to university it will give myself the chance to heal and be ready for the upcoming year. But it has also had it's accomplishments such as driving on my own for many hours on the motorway, which I now feel comfortable with, working at the charity shop and taking part in jury service. Of course, this summer hasn't gone as I have planned, but I'm still here and there have been some good times as well as those which have been challenging. 

I hope you all continue to stick with me on my journey.

Best wishes, 
Amy Xx