The real me

I've been blogging about my mental illness journey for over three years now. I have discussed not only some areas of my personal life, but tips and advice to help others through their journey.

I feel I am generally upbeat whilst sharing the truth of what living with mental illness is really like. However, I do feel that sometimes I don't share the extent of my mental health with you all as my blog is a place of support and comfort. However, I am human and I do get bad days just like you.

I have been battling my mental illness from about the age of 8, and it hasn't been easy. I'm sure like the rest of you reading this you have also felt this way - I have had suicidal thoughts, attempts, been depressed and had crippling anxiety and I know I'm not alone. I'm not going to say that all of my journey has produced positives either. It has been the hardest and most challenging thing to deal with in my life so far and many a time I have run out of energy and hope to carry on. I have had days of crying and self-harm, and staying in bed and not seeing the point in anything. I'll be honest in saying that, my mental illness can and has been like hell and I know I'm not the only one.

I never tend to mention this because I feel it doesn't always help others to hear the rawness of the situation. But I am a person who deals with mental illness on a daily basis, and to this day and at the age of 21, I still battle anxiety and depression. Perhaps not to the scale I used to, but of course circumstances and situations can trigger it off. I am still dealing with it every day, and I haven't completely recovered yet, but I am getting there.

I am human just like you and I am still here. I have been through it, and I am still alive and so can  you. I am just another person battling their mental illness to help others and I know that you have the strength to keep going.

I hope this hasn't been too much for you all as I know it's quite different!

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx