Guest post: Caroline

A guest post sent in by Caroline

Having anxiety is like that moment of panic when you miss a step going downstairs, all the time. You know what's about to happen when your heart starts racing and it gets hard to breathe. You start shaking, your thoughts get cloudy and suddenly you can't see anything clearly anymore. Some symptoms are huge, like those. Some symptoms of anxiety are so tiny, like not being able to sit still, eyes always focused on the floor, or not talking in class- ever. You ask a friend to go with you, everywhere, because the thought of going somewhere by yourself is a task that seems near impossible. Thoughts of what could happen at any given moment are always racing through your head, making it hard to think, or concentrate on what's going on around you. Anxiety is constant fear of what others are thinking, like those people laughing in the hall? "What if they're laughing at me?" So many "what if"'s come with this disorder. If someone doesn't reply right away, you automatically assume they hate you, or want to talk to someone else. Anxiety can control a human. Not many things have the power to do that. So the people that get up every single day with this disease and carry on acting "normal", those people are the strongest out there. And the friends and families giving constant support to them are the reason those people can do that. So, if you know someone that has this disorder, always walk with them to the checkout at the grocery store, accept their fear of being in public and help push them gently out of their comfort zones. And if you have anxiety, tell someone. It can make it 1,000 times easier to cope with. I hope this gives others some understanding of what it's like living with anxiety. It can be so hard. But if people can just understand, it could be so much easier.