5 top tips for starting a blog

1. Blog content - There are many blogs out there that are now talking about much of the same. You want to be able to write about something that you're passionate about and perhaps even something a little different to the rest. Once you've decided your blog content, you'll know what to write about. This isn't to say that you can't change the theme throughout time, but you'll get a specific audience and will find it easier to write. 

2. Schedule - A schedule is important because it means your readers will know when you'll next publish a blog post. However, it's important I think to have quality over quantity and so if you only write a blog post every two weeks, then that shouldn't be a problem. It also keeps you in the rhythm of keeping your blog going, rather than forgetting about it. 

3. Blog ideas - make a list of loads of different titles that you could write about and cherry pick them as the weeks go by. You don't want to come to writing something and be stuck! At the same time, I think it's okay to take a break if the creative juices run dry. 

4. Images - although I think it content is more important, people often love something to look at. So finding images, or even take them yourself might make a differece to whom reads your blog posts. Hopefully I'll be revamping my blog soon to include pictures taken by myself and not just quotes. Similarly, having a blog that is pleasing on the eye can help make things easy to find and will make people want to hang around. 

5. Social media - often blogs won't find their own way out of the blogger sphere, so by having an instagram or twitter, you can grow followers and direct them to your blog. Hopefully they'll become regular readers!

I hope this helps,
Amy Xx