You can handle it.

Recently I've been reading a book which has changed my outlook. A lot of my anxiety has always been fuelled by the fear of failure and embarrassment which makes me avoid certain situations. I get used to being inside my comfort zone and although it has gotten wider over the years, there are still many things that I avoid on a regular basis, which we all know just continues to fuel the anxiety. 

From reading the book, it has taught me that whatever outcome that comes our way, we will handle it. We have done before and we will do again; after all that is how the species has survived. Just think about all of the situations you've been in that haven't gone as you'd planned, such as ordering something on a menu but it being sold out, or being rejected by handled it all and you're still here today. From these experiences, we have built up better resilience to future situations in how we handle them because we learn from our past. Having the knowledge that I can trust myself in any situation, even if it may take a while for me to conquer them, widens my comfort zone and the things I can tackle. Try and keep it in mind that you can conquer any outcome.

If you think about it, we all have preconceived ideas in our heads about how an event is going to play out and yet it will never turn out exactly the way we planned it to and yet we learned to adapt to the situation we are in - and that's the great thing about humans. It's practically built into us for our survival, even if we don't think so on a conscious level.

Let me know in the comments of a time when you handled a situation which you didn't expect.

Best Wishes,
Amy Xx