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I told my boss

A few months back I transferred to a new store because I moved to a new place. Settling in again is always hard. After a few weeks there I wasn't settling in as well as I thought I would.   There was always content feedback and for someone with anxiety, that can make life particularly hard. I thought that my previous store would have forwarded all of my details, but I soon found out that my new store knew nothing of my mental health condition. 

On one particular shift, I had gotten to the point of not being able to take the feedback anymore. After my boss asking how I was doing and me putting on a brave face, I broke down there and then. Now, if you know me I never cry in front of people and I had no idea that this was going to happen either, but I just couldn't hold back the way I was feeling. I explained to my boss about my condition and thankfully my boss responded with positive action that she was going to talk to the other senior members of staff to change the way in which they approached me. Over the following weeks I was happy to feel more comfortable in my job, not necessary because of my mental health being out in the open, but because the way in which I was spoken to and approached was a lot more sensitive, which has helped a lot.

I haven't seemed to feel much 'radio silence' as it were, but I do feel that there is an elephant in the room. I feel as if people don't know how to bring it up or feel awkward in doing so. But funnily enough in talking to other members of staff, they have been very open with their mental health conditions. It never fails to surprise me that someone has a mental health condition because you never see it, so you never expect it even though it is so common. 

I am glad that I recognise that I am person, who deserves respect regardless of my mental health condition and that nothing is worth worsening my mental health for. 

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