About me

Welcome to my mental health blog 'Relief From Anxiety'!

My name's Amy, I'm 23, a first class honours Law graduate and currently working for the emergency services. I began my blog back in 2013 during a time when I had recently been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. You can read more about my story, here. The aim of my blog is to provide advice, inspiration and support to those through their recovery from my personal experience. 

Currently, I am taking an anti-depressant called Citalopram and having regular counselling.

I blog anonymously and I post every Sunday. For ease you can find specific blog posts under the archives, popular blog posts and via the search bar.

To be kept up date with when I publish blog posts, you can follow me on bloglovin, here. You're also more than welcome to email me for personal or PR purposes. I am also on twitter and instagram. All of my contact information can be found under the contact me tab. 

Best wishes and happy reading!

Note: I am not a doctor and anything I write is from my own and others' experiences. If you feel you really are struggling, please make sure to see your doctor.