The Liebster Award...

Hello guys! today's post is about the Liebster award that I have been nominated for by Leah from Keep Calm & Say yes - Thank you!

The rules:
  • Link back to the person that nominated you & answer the 11 questions which they have asked you on their blog post.
  • Choose 11 people to nominate for the Liebster award and let them know that they have been nominated. But you can't choose the person who nominated you!
  • Ask your chosen 11 nominees questions.
  • Add the Liebster award badge to your blog.
Leah's 11 Questions:
1. What inspired you start your blog?
I have always enjoyed blogging and writing. However, when I began to suffer with anxiety I felt really alone. I decided to start a blog to share my stories and help others and so far I'm really enjoying it.
2. Do you know any other languages?
Yes, I am currently studying German at A-level, so I know a fair bit of German although I wouldn't say that I'm an expert in any way!
3. If you could travel to anywhere right now, where would you go?
I'd quite like to go to America.
4. Do you have any pets?
No, unfortunately not.
5. What colour is your bedroom?
Blue and cream.
6. Favourite type of music?
I like all music, ranging from classical to rock and from the 1920's to now. I'm quite a big fan of electronica music and acoustic.
7. Last book you read?
I think I began to read the 'Fault in our stars' by John Green. I've only read the first chapter so far.
8. Last holiday you went on or do you have any planned?
Last year I went to Gran Canaria, but no holidays planned this year.
9.Would you describe yourself as laid back or energetic? 
That's difficult. I can be quite lazy, but I do enjoy sports and meeting friends. I'm not laidback with school work; I can be quite a worrier.
10. Favourite outfit you own and where is it from?
That's really difficult; it depends what mood I'm in. I suppose it would have to be a pair of black jeans (New Look), a chiffon top (River Island), boots (Amazon) and my tartan coat (Jane Norman). Something along those lines!
11. Favourite season?
Definitely Summer because it's (supposedly) warm, however I really love Christmas. Summer overall though.

My 11 questions for my nominees:
1. Favourite quote?
2. Favourite band/artist?
3. One of the nicest/best things that someone has said to you?
4. Your favourite upbeat happy song or your favourite sad song?
5. Favourite place you've visited?
6. A life lesson to share?
7. Something you would change in the world?
8. If you could meet anyone in the world, dead/alive, who would it be?
9. The thing that makes you happiest/keep positive?
10. Favourite sport & do you have any awards?
11. Best piece of advice to give to someone suffering with or trying to understand mental health issues?

I am nominating:
1. A Whole lot of chitty Chat
2. Kimi & Me
3. The Hopeful Hummingbird
4. Calm Kitchen
5. Ellen's OCD blog
6. Chloe has a Moustache
7.  Helena Loves
8. Finding Positives
9. Laura Lou Rambles With You
10.  Amy J Walters
11. Spotty sunflowers

Don't forget to contact me once you've answered your questions!

Best Wishes,