Out Smart cards!

The other day I was contact by a company called 'out smart cards' offering to send me their product to help with stress and anxiety. I thought I'd share the product, because I feel that their product would and will help a lot of you! 

Out smart cards is a company which seems to be based upon some sort of mindfulness. Currently, there are loads of mindfulness colouring books out there, but these cards are slightly different. Depending on the pack you get given, you get given a small pack of cards which are a perfect size to carry in your pocket or in your bag ready for the times that you become anxious. The aim is to give you some time to breathe and to reduce the anxiety you are feeling by tracing the patterns on the card with a pen. You can stop and start whenever and wherever you like and it allows the brain to focus on something else rather than your anxiety.

I have included some pictures below so you know what they look like. If you wish to buy some then you can do so by visiting their website, here.

Amy Xx