Guest post: A new therapy?

What's new in therapy to literally delete your fears?

Let me introduce myself, my name is James Hymers and I work as a fast change therapist helping people become free of whatever is holding them back. I think it's great that mental health is being talked about more and more in the mainstream press, from the Sun to the Times mental health is in the headlines, and on  the TV we can see mental health being talked about too with many sufferers explaining to the nation how they feel on a daily basis and telling their story, this also helps to break down the negative stigma that's been attached to  mental health problems.
I have only one problem with the advice given out by the press and that is that it is so outdated. When we lo
ok at the chosen therapy of the NHS for example it is CBT  it is incredibly hard on the client and takes a very long time, also the success rates are very low with CBT being about 20% that's only one in five clients getting the results they need.
Now I don't mean to sound harsh as anyone who spends time helping others is to be commended I would argue though that there have been a few revolutionary therapies created in the last few years that give amazing results in a much shorter space of time in fact one of the therapies I use can often solve problems in one session in one session !

What is the name of this therapy I hear you ask?   The Havening techniques™ is a revolutionary therapy created by Dr Ronald Ruden  a leading neuroscientist from America. This method is designed to change the brain to de - traumatise the memory and remove it's negative effect from both our psyche and body.The therapy uses the application of touch to change the way memories are stored and remembered and disconnects negative emotions from these traumatic memories, once the negative emotion is removed you can not see the memory in the the same way as you used to and it can not affect you like it did, this creates an astounding change in behaviour as peoples problems are literally deleted and they can now feel so much better and get back to enjoying their lives.

If you would like to see  this Revolutionary therapy in action and hear what the clients had to say about it, you can watch a short video I had made of myself working with clients here, in it you can see clients before during and after a session of Havening therapy, some have large problems and some small and they all have a great result. I have been working with the Havening techniques™ for about two years now and was in the first fifty people in the world to be qualified and I am still amazed at the results for clients. In fact Havening has been put through clinical trials and had some incredible success rates in fact in one study it came out at 99% effective.

For  more information about Havening take a look at the main website in the USA
and for more information about myself and the therapies I offer take a look at my website

You are not stuck with how you are feeling now, you can become free of your past and create a better future.

James Hymers fast change therapist. Windsor Berkshire

Thanks James for writing this post! Although I found CBT very effective, I understand that it takes a lot of willpower and may not be for everyone. I am always happy to share various different ways to get help and even though I haven't tried these techniques myself, I hope they will help someone.