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YOUR mental health resource pack

Here I have consolidated some basic recourses and advice for your information to help you with your mental health recovery. 

1. Charities - There are some key charities that I have been in contact with when I have needed help or information. A lot of them also have online counsellors or chat lines if you are in need:

- Mind -
- Relate -
- Samaritans -
- Time To Change -
- NSPCC - 

2. Doctors - Your best resource is to go and see a professional who can hopefully refer you to someone with specialist knowledge. I know going to the doctors is hard, but it is the most important step to take. If at first you don't succeed then try again until someone understands you. Seeing your doctor can open up so many doors. 

3. Talk - If you feel like you're not ready to talk to your doctor and even if you already have, make sure you have some people you can talk to about the problems you are going through, whether that be friends, family or someone over the internet. Don't be put off if someone doesn't understand at first as there will always be someone who does. Together, you can work to find the best solution. 

4. Mindfulness - It may not be the cure to your problem, but by taking ten minutes out of your day to just breathe and do absolutely nothing, can clear your mind to help you deal with your problems with more ease. Similarly, writing may help. 

5. Counsellors - I always think that everyone should have a counsellor because we all need some guidance sometimes. If possible, try and search the web or ask at your doctors as to what services are available on the NHS. If this is not possible, then try and search for private counsellors. These people can be your saviours. 

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