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Is this the best speaker for reducing anxiety?

For a while now I have heard that music can reduce the effects that anxiety has, especially through singing. For myself it has always been the sunshine on a dark day. If it's before an exam, I can listen to something empowering or if I'm sad I will perhaps listen to something classical. It's not just when I'm anxious or feeling down that I listen to music, but it is part of our every day lives, whether it's first thing in the morning making our coffee, or in the middle of a field having a BBQ, there is always the opportunity to listen to music and enjoy the moment just that little bit more. 

Over the past few years I have always listened to my music through an old speaker that I got for Christmas one year. At the time it was revolutionary due to the bass and the sound that you could hear for long distances. However, as time has moved on I soon realised that it wasn't always the most practical way to listen to my music as it filled my dressing table, the sound wasn't as clear as it first was and it had been slowly detiortating. 

But there is something that can be revolutionary to help me listen to the music I need during difficult times, which is when I was fortunate enough to receive a treVolo S bluetooth speaker. Putting it on charge for the first time was very straight forward and simple, and whilst it was charging I thought I would see how it worked. Now, for someone who has had what was known as one of the best speakers for music at the time and has given me a lot of relief during my hard times of mental health, I wasn't sure whether there was much out there that could beat it, but I was wrong. The first song I played through it was Florence & the Machine's new song, which if you have listened to it, you'll know how sharp and clear the recording should be...something which I hadn't experienced as of yet. Playing this song through the Trevolo speaker, I finally understood what the music should sound like. It is clear and crisp and this is still the case even when you increase the sound. My Mother was outstanded by the clarity even when she was watching TV. The speaker isn't big, but it still packs a punch. It's hard to see how something so small can produce such a clear and warm sound, but it can! I can certainly agree with their statement that it can produce the most balances and relaxed sounds. And the best bit of all, is that unlike my other speaker my music doesn't have to be resigned to my room - not only is it bluetooth but it's completely portable, so you can take it wherever you want and the sound would be just as clear as a bigger speaker, especially since it can last for up to 18 hours! There's always the concern that the smaller the speaker, the more tinny the sound becomes, but this is certainly not case. If you're not a fan of bluetooth, there is also the option of using a USB to connect your music.

The various settings, such as 3D sound also let's you have the choice as to what quality and type of music you want to listen to. The option of 3D sound is fantastic for movies and TV programmes as it becomes somewhat of a surround sound from something that takes up little to no space. 

If you have been a reader for a long time, you know that I only write and share products and people that I believe have the capability of changing and improving people's lives. This product is one of them. Music is fabulous for anxiety, but it's even better when you can hear it in the best quality possible. If you want to learn more, you can do so, here.

Let me know what you think - What are best songs for overcoming anxiety? 

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