How will people react to me?

In the last post we covered the idea of stigma and you would be correct in saying that stigma is a reaction of mental illness. However, in this blog post I want to talk about how people react to your mental illness journey. I've split this into two: People being fed up and people who don't think before they speak.

The people who are supporting you, love you and want to be there every step of the way. Unfortunately, we are all humans and we cannot sustain such support for a long period of time. We all need time to ourselves. What I've found is that occasionally friends and family will become tired, have a shorter temper and want time alone. Just because they are a bit fed up, doesn't mean they love you any less or care for you any less. Some have even indirectly said that they can't take it anymore. They will support you 100% of the time and just because they may be finding it hard to see you suffering, doesn't mean they have stopped supporting. They are just charging their batteries to help you further! Don't give up on yourself. 

Most, if not all have been supportive. However, there have been times when what has been said is possibly inconsiderate and insensitive.  When something inconsiderate is said, I just try to brush it off and argue that it's them who has the problem. For example, I'll speak about my problems, if it's topic of conversation. However when I told about my troubled thoughts, I got told that I wasn't the person to be expected to have these problems, and everything carried on as normal. I put it down to a lack of understanding that leads to a lack of compassion. I've also had comments such as 'it's your fault why you're not doing...(enter activity here)'.

You are not to blame for your situation and I cannot doubt the support I have. However, even though I have great support, people will sometimes say things that they don't think about before hand. However, I cannot just disregard them because of a few comments. They have helped me so much.

Remember, your friends and family have helped you through your hardest times, so don't forget to help them when they're feeling a bit fed up.

All the best!