How does anxiety affect you?

Anxiety affects people in many different ways, most of which I have already covered. However I will split them into main sections.

1. Physically
As mentioned before, anxiety can affect your body. For example, sickness, headache, your stomach, sleep, you can become irritable, fidgety, eating less or eating more etc. It changes for everyone. However the problem here is, some of these symptoms represent illness. Even though from the outside people know you are not ill, you can't help but question it yourself. Therefore this increases your anxiety and often stops you from doing the things that you love.

2. Mentally
Anxiety is exhausting. From the minute you wake to the minute you go to sleep, it is with you. It gets extremely tiring. Because of your anxiety, it often means not being able to do the things that you love and want to achieve in life  It makes it extremely hard sometimes to even get out the door. For someone who really wants to strive and do well in life, this is extremely difficult as you feel life is passing you by where as everyone else is out having fun. This mental barrier often leads to depression. Depression and anxiety come hand in hand; if you are depressed you often become anxious and so forth. This again is so debilitating.

3. Relationships
Generally speaking people are really supportive, however there will be some arrogant people out there.
Support is great, however people get tired. Some members of my family don't always understand, and can lose their temper if I can't do something.  Other people will just brush it off and be a bit insensitive with their ways. Family and friends will get tired sometimes and arguments will occur just about your condition, but remember they still want to help you.

Mentally and physically, you do become limited with what you do, but with help you can get there. I'm slowly getting there. You can do it!

All the best,