What help is available?: Extra Support

This post concludes the mini series 'help'. Here are just a few extra tips to help you if you feel you are suffering with a mental illness, such as anxiety.

1. Friends and Family
It's always great to have someone to talk to if you feel you are suffering from a mental illness. One of the best ways you can handle the situation is to talk. The Time to Change campaign gives tips on how to start a conversation about mental illness. I'm sure you will be surprised by the response of your family and friends - in a positive way, just like I was. I know it can be extremely hard to talk about it, however I would really advise you to start the conversation which will change your life and get you onto the road to recovery. Many people are reluctant to speak about their issues, which can be problematic. I don't know your family or friend situation - you may not feel close to them, or don't feel you can trust them. However, please try to find just one person in your life, whether that be your Mum, Dad, Sister, Brother, Grandparent, Auntie, Uncle, Cousin, Friend or even someone working for a charity, if you feel you cannot talk to a friend or someone from your family. Talking is so important, they can begin to support you, you will feel better and hopefully it will mean you can get the services that you need.

2. YouTube
The internet is such a widespread thing these days and we tend to use it in everyday life. However, while I was suffering from my mental breakdown and anxiety a few months ago and even now, YouTube is a great support. At the time I was going through therapy and I thought I was the only one to ever suffer from anxiety, however I went on YouTube and just happened to find Zoella. 

Zoella is a beauty/fashion guru on Youtube, who before I saw her video on anxiety I had never really watched her videos. However now my viewing is a reoccurring thing! The first video I ever saw about her was where she explained about her anxiety. Everything she was saying, I could relate to. I no longer felt alone. I thank her so much for broadcasting that video, because at the time I desperately needed it. Zoe has also written an amazing blog post, which I read last Easter. This too is amazing and it helped me so much. I will leave the links below:
Click here for Zoella's anxiety post.
Click here for Zoella's anxiety video.

Tanya Burr is another well known Youtuber. She has written a brief blogpost about anxiety too. It's not in as much detail as Zoella, but that's understandable because to write about anxiety can be quite a brave thing. I will also leave the link to her blog post below:
Click here for Tanya's anxiety post.

You'd be surprised how many other YouTubers suffer from anxiety and other issues. They may look fine, but everyone is fighting their own battles. Remember; you are not alone. 1 in 4 people suffer with mental illness in any one year.

I hope that this mini series has helped you or started you on your way to recovery. If I had to send any message to you right now, it is to talk. Please, please talk to someone about your mental illness. I cannot stress it enough. After you've spoken to someone about it; whether that be a friend, family member or charity worker you have already started on your way to recovery. Then you can go to the GP who will be able to put you into the right direction to help you on your way.

I hope this has helped and thank you so much for the support over the last few weeks. I wish you all the best.

"It seems impossible until it's done"