What help is available?: Charities

This is going to be a mini series which is going to be spread across many blog posts. I'm probably going to write the most important information you will need if you are suffering from anxiety and any other related conditions. If this helps you, please share it to others. Help is the first step on the way towards recovery.

Charities and organisations

There are many charities and organisations out there which offer advice and support in regards to mental health and other related issues and problems. Here, I'm going to list my favourite charities that I have looked at and used. Of course there are many more than the list below, but these are my top ones:

1. Time to Change - I mentioned this in a previous post. I'd argue that this is the best page around at the moment. Time for change is a campaign that tries to reduce the stigma of mental illness. You can write a pledge, volunteer in real life or online and in turn read people's stories and get help. Click here for the website.

2. Childline - For all of you who are under 18, Childline is also a great refuge. You may think childline is just a support for children who are suffering certain problems, but as a matter of fact childline is there to offer support on just about anything. Not only is there information, but you can chat to a professional which is fully confidential either online or on the phone. Click here for the website.

3. Rethink - Rethink is another mental health charity, which is more about informing you about your condition, people's stories and what you can do to get onto the path of recovery. They also offer crisis links to which you can phone or email, if you feel there is an imminent risk. Click here for the website.

4. Anxiety UK - Anxiety UK is extremely helpful, not only because this is probably the condition you are suffering with, but it also offers detailed information and support. Not only can you learn about the condition, campaign and read each others stories, but you can contact them through phone, email and chat. They also offer therapy services. Personally, I'd find this most useful for information and advice. Click here for the website.

5. Mind - Mind is campaigning for better mental health. Like many other mental health sites it offers a crisis helpline and an info-line. There is lots of information about how you're feeling and how you can take part to improve other people's mental health. Click here for the website.

I hope this information has helped you in some way. Remember to share it to others if you think  they could make the use of information. Don't forget you can contact me through twitter, E-mail or here through the comments.