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What is my experience of panic attacks?

The first panic attack I ever had was on GCSE results day. I was so nervous. On the way to the venue where I would collect my results, I completely freaked out and couldn't breathe and started crying. I just assumed it was nerves and it passed as soon as I got into the venue.

As the months past, these panic attacks began to be a regular occurrence - before driving lessons, before my hypnotherapy sessions, catching transport, going into a shop, applying for jobs, asking for something and eventually going to school. I've had so many panic attacks when going to school, It's ridiculous.

Even though I have experienced loads of panic attacks, there are a few that I can remember really clearly. Despite the panic attack on results day, another one I can clearly remember is when I went to apply for jobs. Applying for jobs is hard enough with anxiety, let alone someone who severely suffers from it. It was going quite well in confidence terms. I was in the mall and I went into several shops, but had little luck - either they weren't taking on or I was too young. I managed to hand in some and applied to others online. I had been into so many shops and been rejected. Many anxiety sufferers will understand that this increases your anxiety. I went into one shop that surprize, surprize wasn't taking on and I stepped outside of the shop and started to panic. I couldn't breathe, then I was crying and slowly everything became a blur. Luckily I had support which could calm me down and helped me to breathe. 

I remember clearly, I was planning to go to a Rizzle Kicks concert, but just like all of the other opportunities, I often didn't go through with them and just stayed at home. I really didn't want to go. The thought of all of those people and the thought that I couldn't escape was overwhelming. Before I went out the door, I got into a panic. I couldn't breathe and was crying again. This time I really couldn't breathe at all, and it was so scary. However, with the help of the support around me, I managed to calm down and actually enjoyed myself.

A final example I can think of is when I was about to catch a bus with my friend. She was coming round to meet me, but the problem was that I hadn't told her about my situation. Again, I had the usual symptoms; couldn't breathe, was crying and generally tried to get myself out of the situation. I felt really ill. However, as soon as my friend came round, I managed to control myself. 

These panic attacks were getting out of hand and was making my anxiety worse. Therefore, it was decided that I was to see and hypnotherapist - it's not as scary as you think! With time, my panic attacks slowly decreased and I learnt to understand the feelings which helped me to be in control. 

I hope my experience of panic attacks can reassure you that you're not alone and that what you're feeling is only typical. With help, panic attacks can be solved.

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