Tips to get out of the darkness

Today, I thought I would focus on anxiety and feeling down. One thing to remember with recovery is that it can be two steps forward and one step back. My recovery has been going really well with the only major problem areas now being school and driving lessons. However my anxiety flares up severely before those events and I often ending up feeling really awful.This usually isn't because of the event itself, but because of the physical and mental pain I always have to face or because I couldn't go through with the event and feel as if I have been defeated.

I've come up with some tips to help. These tips can be used anytime that you are feeling down:

1. Heaters & drains - people can be classed as either givers or takers. The givers are the heaters and the drains are the takers. As a first step in improving your life you need to look at the people around you. At a time when you are feeling at your worst, you need to focus on yourself and only have positive people around you. Write a list of people in your life who are heaters and drains and start to get rid of the drains. It's definitely not easy, but when you're so fragile it's a must.

2. How do I get out? - you need to write or create a mind map about how to get out of this situation you're in. What will make you feel better? A few on my list are to eat healthy, sort out my heaters & drains, and join a club amongst many others. My anxiety isn't going to make it easy, but I can try.

3. Be positive - I know everyone says it. Positive thoughts will change your outlook and it's true, but sometimes your situation means that you can't. But again write a list of everything you're looking forward to. A few on my list is a possible holiday and possible law work experience. Not only will it make you think of all the things to look forward to, but hopefully it should keep you going for a little bit longer.

4. Write a bucket list - I know many people who have had depression have said to write a bucket list. You're not allowed to die until you have completed this bucket list. You can be as imaginative as you like. A few on mine is to meet Elly Jackson (from La Roux) again, and to make this blog successful.

5. The little things - sometimes we get so consumed in our problems, that we forget how lucky we are. Make a list about all the things you enjoy in life such as the birds singing in the morning, cups of tea and so on.

6. Get lost - we need to spend time on our own. When a situation gets so bad, you need to escape. Play a computer game, read a book, go away for a week, listen to music, dance to music and even go to sleep if that's what will help. 

As you can probably tell I have an obsession with lists. Mind maps are pretty cool too. They help to clear my mind. I hope that these tips will help with any difficult situation you're in. Most of the time when we think we can't get through something, we do. Think about all of the things you've achieved so far.

The next post should continue the anxiety series.