Why do I have anxiety?

Anyone suffering with anxiety, depression and any other related illness will ask the question 'why do I have this?'

I've asked this question about anxiety; many times. My therapists have tended to say that we mustn't look at the past, but the present. However, the main point that has been repeated to me, is that you may never know. I can understand that this isn't the answer we were all hoping for, but it's a very complex matter.

Some people can identify a time in their life which sparked off their problems, such as a parents divorce or a loss of a job. However, for many people they will never be a hundred percent sure, or just have no clue.

What's always been told to me, is it tends to be a range of the things that build up until we go 'bang' which in this case would be the anxiety.

I've always been told that there is no point dwelling on the past, as we must focus on the present to solve the current situation. It would be true to say that you could sit with a councillor and trawl through the past to find when it all happened, and perhaps find a trigger. However, this would be a hard task for some.